Dr. Beat Richner, Kantha Bopha Children's Hospitals
Phnom Penh/Siem Reap Angkor, 30.11.2005
The New Kantha Bopha Children's Hospital in Phnom Penh: Kantha Bopha IV
On December 29th 2005 the new Children's Hospital Kantha Bopha IV will be inaugurated. Kantha Bopha I with its three buildings is too small. Day by day there are 2000 outpatients, day by day there are between 400 and 500 inpatients, day by day there are 30 surgical operations.
That is why we started this construction on August 3rd 2004 after having bought a land giving on the Wat Phnom. Without this new construction Kantha Bopha I could not function any longer. Two of its three buildings are in a very bad and dangerous condition. One of its three buildings will continue to function. The other buildings will be evacuated and later restored as soon as we move to the new Hospital on January 9th 2006.
The new Hospital Kantha Bopha IV will be connected with the old Kantha Bopha I. The new Hospital will have 555 beds, 4 surgical operating rooms, two intensive care units, a complete laboratory with a blood bank, an imaging department (X Ray, 4 Ultrasounds and a CT Scanner) a huge pharmacy, an outpatient station and a prevention center.
The costs of this new Hospital (all included) are 15 Million USD. We asked the Swiss people to contribute a bill of twenty Swiss Franks. With this action we got this money last year , there were school children helping too, Swiss citizens over all Switzerland contributed a bill of 20 Swiss Franks. (Aktion Zwaenzger Noetli 2004).
So soon, in January 2006 there will be 860 beds available in the three Kantha Bopha Hospitals in Phnom Penh.
In Siem Reap Angkor the Kantha Bopha III (or Jayavarman VII ) Hospital's extension with 350 additional beds was opened in March 2005. There were days in July 2005 when 700 severely sick children were hospitalized! In the maternity, built in order to break the transmission of AIDS from the mother to the child there are 900 deliveries per month!
All treatment is free. The patients are arriving from all over Cambodia. The Kantha Bopha Hospitals are treating 85% of all Cambodian children.
(The National Pediatric Hospital in Phnom Penh is hospitalizing only between 80 and 100 children, the Angkor Children's Hospital in Siem Reap only 24 up to 30 children.)
There is no corruption in the Kantha Bopha Hospitals. So all patients have access to a correct and efficient treatment. Nobody has to pay under the table in order not to pay on
the table, in order to get this or that. Most families are poor, there is no cash. We were able to reduce the mortality during the last 13 years to 1,1%.
The annual budget for the running costs is 16,5 Million USD. By the Cambodian Government ( a decision by Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen) we get 1,6 Million USD. By the Swiss Government 2 Million USD. All the other Millions are private donations. In other words without these private donations 60 000 Cambodian children would pass away year by year. Because 80% of all hospitalized children have no chance without a correct and efficient treatment which they get in the Kantha Bopha Hospitals! And every child, if poor or rich, has the right to get a correct and efficient medical treatment.
Desinformation by "The Cambodia Daily"
More than 7 Million children were treated by the Kantha Bopha Hospitals during the last 13 years. Not one single child had to pay. This year 2005 there were 5800 Dengue cases to hospitalize. Children in preshock or shock. Not one single Dengue child was refused. Why is "The Cambodia Daily" telling people on November 24th 2005 , that in order to bee saved from a Dengue Fever, you need 200 USD, because only the private sector can save a Dengue case? All Cambodian citizens, included the High Royal Government knows that this information is not true. His Majesty King Father Norodom Sihanouk knows it: 12 years ago His grand daughter was brought at midnight to Kantha Bopha, not to a private Clinic! Samdech Chea Sim knows it: 6 years ago His grand son was hospitalized in Kantha Bopha with a Dengue Fever, not in a private Clinic! The Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen knows it, since His grand daughter was recentely hospitalized in Kantha Bopha, not in a private Clinic! Samdech Hun Sen himself was in the Kantha Bopha Hospital that night. He knows the Hospitals, he has talked to the 72 other patients hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit that night. Nobody was refused. Nobody had to pay. Everybody was cured. Why is " The Cambodia Daily" publishing this wrong information? For what purpose? For who's pleasure? To who's advantage?
In Kantha Bopha III (Jayavarman VII) in Angkor in 2005 there were 2120 severe cases of Dengue Fever. Nobody was refused. Everybody was cured and saved. The Mortality was 1,2%. (These 1,2% of Dengue cases were at the same time cases with drug intoxications. They got the wrong treatment before - outside in the private sector. Their liver transaminases were more then 20 000!!)
Ironically we remember that "The Cambodia Daily" told people in 1999 that this Children's Hospital Kantha Bopha III (JayavarmanVII) in Angkor, then inaugurated by His Majesty The King Norodom Sihanouk and Samdech Hun Sen, would not be necessary! Why all this wrong information? We would certainly deserve an honest answer, me and the 1500 Cambodian staff.
Dr. Beat Richner





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